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Spring, Again

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Always excited to pop in for a new NARS launch but this time round I'm especially excited in particular for the launch of the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.

I've been need a good everyday foundation and this feels like it was built for me - long wearing of (and their first) 16-hour, sheer texture for breathability yet high coverage (!!) - and with a serum base as an added bonus.  Better yet, it comes in 33 different shades (compared to their All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation which has 20) for an even better match.

Brought this woman because she's been fangirling after NARS, haha.

Getting colour matched at the booth! I'm a creme brulee for the Creamy Concealer - which has 6 new shades added to it's line.

And their Spring launches! Going crazy over their Wanted Eyeshadow Palette - it's about time NARS has some red eyeshadows! And such a handy size too! If there is one thing I'd take from the whole Spring launch it's definitely this - so trendy, and the cover is so pretty too (oops didn't take a picture of it). It's suppose to launch some time in Feb but at the moment it is not available, so I'll be twiddling my thumbs till then!

More spring launches - their Liquid Blush (in that adorable frosted glass bottle) now comes in the shade Dolce Vita and notably a new range of liquid lippies, the NARS Lip Cover, which is full coverage and creamy with a little shimmer. The thing about lipsticks is you have to try them throughout the day to get a feel, so no comments on that area yet!

We got a demo on the before and after of the new foundation (as if I'm not excited enough already) and the glow is great - gimmeeeee.

Thanks for having me always!!

The NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation retails at S$76.00 from February onwards, which is now :D


Juju said...

I love the eye shadow palette.