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Pieces of Bali 2017

Posted on Friday, March 23, 2018

Possibly the most useless, yolo holiday of my life in which we hung around Bali for 5 days eating, getting massages and not really doing anything other than maybe one mini adventure out to Uluwatu on the first day I arrived, ahaha.

I really enjoyed the cheap food in large spacious cafes. Our daily $1 mee goreng across the road and the massages at the same hole in the wall cookery every. single. time. just 5 minutes from our hostel. If you told me to check, I would say I spent 80% of my time in Bali in the same 1 kilometre square block, mostly so paralysed by the fear of the impending explosion of Mount Agung (it finally exploded in December 2018, it was September when we went) that we spent our last day there sitting in a nearby cafe (of all places) drinking Sangria till we were tipsy - the things we do :'D

Yet by some miracle, we have pictures to show for the trip. So yep. There was my only holiday of 2017 but some people don't get to travel at all, so I count my blessings and am super grateful for how the current year is going!