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My Basic Bali Food Guide

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018

This is my last Bali post since I have literally taken two more holidays since, ha! As it was my first time in Bali (I actually came when I was 4, but don't remember much), I think I hit all the basic food spots that any instagrammer would probably stop by, so here are my thoughts.

Kynd Community

First up, Kynd Community! It's any travel instagrammers wet dream because of the bright colours of their space and acai bowls, which is what everyone orders when they're here.

The fun part about their bowls is that you get to customise the words itself (I chose Love, for lack of creativity). However, they only have two flavours - Berry Tropical, or Green & Grind, both at 73,000 rupiah each (around SGD7.00). It's kinda crazy cheap considering how big the portions were! Go for the Berry Tropical if you like a sweeter tang.

The cafe is in a food hotspot, which has a bunch of equally picturesque restaurants / cafes. It's also just walking distance from...

Merah Putih

If you ask anyone about where to eat in Bali, Merah Putih will definitely come up on their list. Other than having sky high, iconic ceiling, the food is actually good and affordable on top of being wonderfully presented. I'm talking like SGD30.00 a person for what is essentially "fine dining" level food and experience.

Their menu is quite extensive and overwhelming and extensive, but the waiters were very helpful. I personally recommend getting the Gurita (smoked octopus), Popia Bebek (fried boneless duck), and the Nasi Goreng Bali (fried rice).

While we went in the afternoon to get nice pictures, it was a little empty and maybe didn't have the vibes or atmosphere expected, so I'd definitely love to come back in the evening for a different experience!

Kilo Bali

Ok, so I've been to all the Kilo's in Singapore but I still wanted to check out Kilo Bali because one thing different about cafes here vs Singapore is how much space they have. I loved every detail about the place from the light filled glass windows to gorgeous quartz table and warm persian rugs thrown casually on austere concrete floors. It was, however, really empty again. But it was September and an off season for Bali, I suppose?

Definitely my favourite cafe food of the trip. We went for the Smashed Avocado Toast (85,000 rupiah, or SGD8.10~) which for $8 is SO CHEAP considering how fancy this place looks, but that's Bali for you again. The french beans were grilled to perfection and the bread crisp yet fluffy. It was also accompanied by a runny sous vide egg and sprinkles of green apple. Definitely more creative than your usual smashed avocado toast!

We also had the Duck Tacos (80,000 rupiah, or SGD$7.60) as well for a little change in protein. I think the only thing disappointing is there wasn't more! Honestly we could have just ordered a 3rd main, and it would not have broke the bank. Gotta love cafes here!

Fun tip: There are streets nearby with really, really nice homeware shops so you can plan it all in together and take a stroll post meal!

Kim Soo Home

Ok, we only stopped by here for a drink because we had been walking around and shopping all day. Kim Soo Home is another of those must visit places in Seminyak which is part outdoor cafe with Greek vibes and part (pricey) homeware shop.

Juice wise, I got the Green Day (33,000 rupiah or SGD3.10~) which was a mix of apple and spinach while Janine got the Refreshing (same price) but for some reason hers was wayyy too sour and almost undrinkable. I'm not sure how their food fares but drinks do seem a little pricey, but it is a very tourist driven place.

Anyway, I wish we came when the light was better - we actually stumbled upon Kim Soo Home (although it was on my wishlist) because it is on a street where there are a bunch of other insta-famous cafes like Sea Circus Restaurant & Bar and Motel Mexicola, so I say tick them all off your list and visit them all at once!

Nalu Bowls

Another of those cafes that everyone drops by when in Bali. Nalu Bowls is not as conveiently located as the rest, and required a bit of navigation to find, but we did! On first look, the restaurant seems really tiny and can only sit a handful of people, but head upstairs: you'll find that it's quite a different story!

While the ambience was pretty fun and leafy (all cafes in Bali are open air, for some reason), the bowls themselves did pale in comparison to those we had in Kynd Community. They did come in freezing cold coconut bowls (cute), but for 65,000 rupiah (SGD6.20~), they are pretty pricey for their portion size and ingredients given.

I got the Teahupo'o, because everything I wanted was out of stock. It was still refreshing for the heat - a mix of spinach, ginger, banana, apple juice, pineapple and mango with granola on top; but not filling and a little underwhelming after all the cheap and value food we'd been getting.

My take is it's a visit once kind of place, or not at all because Bali is filled with more acai bowl spots!

Crumb & Coaster

We slept in for this one, but luckily for us Crumb & Coaster was still open at 2ish for lunch and near to our hotel in Kuta. It's a gem of a find because Kuta is known more for partying than for it's pretty cafes!

Food was also much cheaper than the cafes in Seminyak! I had a grilled Balinese Tuna (70,000rupiah or SGD6.70~), because I was on a hunt for a good one. While the portion was ginormous, sadly this was  disappointing - ordered Medium Rare and it ended up Medium. I actually ordered it the first day and it was the same story - note to self and all you guys: never order tuna in this part of the world, or if you must, go for Rare because they will most likely overcook it!

Janine had the Yoga Breakfast (56,000 rupiah, SGD5.30~) which you can see above is super substantial. She even changed her mushroom omelette to a zuccini one, and she had so much avocado it was more than enough for the two of us. Really good value!

We also got sangrias to go with our lunch, because why not. White sangria for Janine, red for me - and boy were they potent! We literally started feeling it after one cup...

And then we got a surprise visit from Andrew, who we've been hanging out with on and off in Bali! What are the chances that we'd bump into each other at the same cafe at literally 3pm getting his lunch :'D

We decide to upgrade our glasses of sangria to a jug of sangria, and the rest is a bit of a disastrous history which I shall not go into detail too much, hahaha.

So there you go! My Bali food guide. I think I definitely ate my way through most of their cafe scene proper. I'm not sure what else there is, now that I am already my next trip back. Suggestions, anyone?

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