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The Ordinary Co's First Pop Up

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018

I've occasionally been asked throughout The Ordinary Co's inception will I ever set up a physical retail space (the answer is no, because physical retail is dying for fast fashion and also there are high costs involved in setting it up, running and maintaining it). However, I have toyed with the idea of doing pop-ups since they don't require that much commitment compared to a full blown shop.

I have been biding my time for the opportunity to do it "right", so it was a huge blessing to be part of WeWork's Creators Market last month for TOC's first ever pop up! It was help during Women's History Month and every store was run by a lady entrepreneur, which is great. The turn out was spectacular (which is a usual, for WeWork) and I did not stop working from the moment the market opened at 5pm to when it closed at 9pm! But it was a real rush meeting customers in real life, including some sweet ladies who saw I was having the pop up on Instagram and walked over to WeWork just to visit the store (how amazing is that?)

The inspiration for the layout is literally a website, in which everything was neatly displayed out in squares with the prices next to them - like online shopping... just in real life! It took about a month of planning (by which I mean lying in bed and overthinking things) and it definitely was a huge experience for me since I've never done visual merchandising in my life. Most of my creativity since young was usually in photography or graphic design which I consider 2D, if you know what I mean.

Honestly after doing this I feel more confident in how I'm going to get my house done since that is another 3D project!

Big thank you to Maya and Vivi who were in charge of planning the market, and many of the customers and even WeWork employees who came by to support my shop :'D Till the next opportunity!