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A Sensitive Topic

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hey guys, so amongst a whole host of chronic skin problems like Eczema, I was recently diagnosed back in December with having a sensitive scalp, all of which relate back to stress because December was a bit of a disaster. Thankfully, Kérastase Singapore has been taking care of my hair for the past year and decided to start me on a programme to treat my scalp condition!

What is the difference between Sensitive Scalp and having Dandruff? 
Though the symptoms appear the same (itchy scalp, dead hair cells), having a sensitive scalp is triggered by stress whereas dandruff is caused by having and oily scalp which causes excess skin to build up and then fall off. So if you THINK you just have dandruff and feel embarrassed that people think you don't wash your hair or something, fear not - you may just have sensitive scalp (but you still have the grossness of it, haha, sorry).

How can Sensitive Scalp be Treated?
Kérastase is a brand very dedicated to treating your hair, or specifically your scalp since that is where everything starts. They linked me up with Picasso Hair Studio to do a proper diagnosis upon which we started the 3-month treatment programme back in December to use a combination of Kérastase's in salon treatment (which was an awesome once a month treat to me) as well as their at home care products which I used religiously.

The sessions took about 2-3 hours once a month at their Haji Lane branch, and I was always lovingly served by dear Fernnel from Picasso. This is defiitely not your off the shelf treatment at normal hair salons where they slap on some product for a while and wash it off. Instead, Fernnel would apply several rounds of the product on to my hair, rinse it off, and repeat. It always ended with a steam to open up my hair follicles, head massages, neck massages... It's like an all-in-one session getting pampered and treated!

Do you have to use Special Products for Sensitive Scalp?
I was switched to using the Kérastase Specifique Range daily, which is specifically for people with sensitive scalp. My favourites are the Specifique Bain Riche Dermo-Calm daily as my shampoo (the blue bottle), and their hair mask - the Specifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant - which I use once a week and still swear by till now!

Can Sensitive Scalp Come Back?
Sadly, yes. It's like any other sensitive skin issue which you'll have to deal with for the rest of your life. I was recommended to continue using the Specifique Shampoo and mask, even after my main treatment ended to prevent it from coming back. And of course, manage my stress (but I was born stressed, oops).

Picasso has a special device to see your scalp up close to see it's condition, so yes, those pictures above are mine (I promise you, everyone's scalp looks gross this near alright). On the left is my before in December, and on the right in March after 3 months of treatment.  It wouldn't be accurate to say it can be "completely cured" after 3 months because a lot of it depends on your personal upkeep at home as well as continuous external factors like stress, pollution etc. So yes, still a little redness but definitely much, much better than before.

I also made a video with Kerastase and Picasso profiling my journey which you guys can watch here!