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Back to Bali

Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It felt like I had just barely finished blogging about last year's Bali trip and before I knew it, we'd already booked another one for this coming July! This time with Justin, doing the whole getting-a-villa-with-a-big-group-of-friends shebang. I'm always low-key in summer mood (I mean, I was born in August and have lived in Singapore my whole life), but something about the so called "summer months" always puts my wardrobe and imagination into overdrive, so a trip to the beach is apt and much needed.

I also recently got my Ultimate Ears "Wonderboom" speakers and it was so funny how after I posted it up on Instagram, and everyone who was going to Bali simultaneously messaged me and said "bring it along!!!" Because it is the perfect holiday speaker - waterproof (it floats), portable, and just the right shade of millenial Avocado (though it comes in so many other colours)! And yes, it connects to my phone via bluetooth, so I wouldn't need to even put down my Pina Colada and paddle over to change the music - I can just do it on my phone.

For such a small speaker it truly has a lot of sound. The high and mid notes are really crisp, and it makes for great summer time listening. If you want it as a party speaker, I would say look elsewhere because the bass doesn't quite resonate as deeply as one would hope - but chilling in our Bali villa? Hells yeah.