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Diner En Blanc 2018

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I've always had a low-key dream to one day attend Diner En Blanc, and I guess dreams do come true because I got to follow dear Hilary and Cee - honestly, the best people to go for it because I don't know which other crazy girls in the world would stand their ground while everyone was running for shelter from the downpour to get the perfect pictures of our table setting and outfits before the light disappeared, bahaha (and yes, it was raining in these photos, can you tell?)

For those of you who don't know, Diner En Blanc is a worldwide pop-up picnic held once yearly in which the location is a secret and not revealed till the actual day itself. Everyone is required to dressed to the nines in H-to-T white and bring their own tables, linens, and everything you need to have the fancy chi-chi all white picnic of your dreams... with a 1000 other people. It really is quite a scene to see a sea of white meandering towards the very mysterious secret location, which turned out to be behind the F1 Pit Building this year with the backdrop of the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands around us.

Fortunately for us we already had tables, linens and cutlery part set up, so we just had to bring our own food! We got so many compliments for our platter, courtesy of Wynona from Lush Platters, who did up a custom one just for us to suit the theme of Diner En Blanc.

I'm a huge lover of cured meats and cheese and Wynona did not hold back, giving us everything truffle cheese (gouda and saverin loaded with fresh honeycomb), a huge pot of hummus, prosciutto, salami, fruits, crackers... you name it, we had it. And superbly presented, at that. Even the bread was fantastic and artisan - any foodie would give this a thumbs up. I only wish I had stomach space to have eaten more, but trust me, we were stuffed by the end of the night.

Our flowers were also done by the most generous Toki
who absolutely nailed the look we were going for our table setting!

We drank champagne non-stop, chit-chatted enjoyed the performances and had our fill of good food under the night sky. While the event itself is fun, I also fondly remember the fun all the way up to the day itself planning with the girls what we would wear, what food to get and working together on table decor so that we would have the picnic of our dreams. I suppose you could say it's another one off the checklist, but I'm secretly looking forward to next year's one already!