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Spin to Win

Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything just for fun, but here is an evening not too long ago in which we found ourselves all the way at the new Timezone in Vivocity. If you feel all nostalgic about the 90s, then this is definitely the place to be.

They have all the popular games from bishy bashy to para para, usual arcade classics like basketball and car racing, but also massive, modern flashy machines that look like they could only be from the future (guess we reached it), hell, they even have the old school ticket printing machines! (Which, ahem, are lots of fun but also a bit of a waste on the environment as we realised at the end that they just get shredded up after the machine count them - won't be doing this again whoops).

The place was crowded with families but not overwhelmingly so. They have birthday packages for kids and prize redemptions with OK prizes (as expected), but there was, an iPad up for grabs, though sheer amount of tickets needed may actually mean it would be more worth it to just walk out and buy one yourself, hahaha.

Anyway if you are heading down, it's worth noting that there's 1-For-1 at Timezone on the Entertainer! After a hard couple of hours of throwing balls at clowns and smacking plastic buttons till our hands were sore, we, like any self-respecting adults who were still awake late in the night, decided to find the nearest open hotpot place - which in this case was Hai Di Lao (and also conveniently located in Vivo) and rolled off to it. Not bad for a night's work!