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European Bedding: Homey with the Heveya

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I'm pretty amazed that we're here at all, renovation ready and finally getting the finishing touches to make our home liveable - i.e. our mattress from European Bedding!

Full disclosure: We were gifted their Heveya Mattress, but Justin and I are crazy about it! Buying a mattress for our first home is a very personal choice, so we still did a bunch of research on different types of mattresses and materials because we didn't know the first thing about them. I'm going to share with you guys more about what I found out and hopefully help you guys understand about the mattress industry more to help with your decision making (and I'll try not to be too biased, but we really love our mattress, did I say that already?)

What comes to mind when mattress shopping is usually showrooms blindingly lit with fluorescent lights and rows of mattress after mattress for you to lie on and attempt to tell the difference after an awkward 5 minutes of a salesman staring at you.

On top of that, the mattress industry is notoriously opaque, and it is generally known that no mattress model in one showroom is ever the same as another showroom. This is to intentionally confuse consumers from price matching and keep the margins high, which sucks for us!

It's so nice seeing European Bedding shake the industry a little and change my perception of what mattress shopping could be. Their showroom in Tiong Bahru is all kinds of interior goals and we were directed to just one simple option to try: The Heveya.

One unique selling point about the Heveya is that unlike most mattresses which are made of a mixture of springs, foam, memory foam etc, it is completely made of Latex - and not just any latex but 100% natural organic latex made from sustainably managed rubber trees in Sri Lanka!

Even if you don't consider yourself to be a greenie and just want to get something that is good value, 100% latex mattresses are considered the most durable of all mattress materials on top of being breathable, naturally dust mite and mould resistant, AND it conforms to your body shape, which is something that foam and spring mattresses do not do as well (a lot of mattresses are a mix of all materials though, but I'll talk about that more in a bit!)

I had to search hard to find bad things about latex mattresses because I really wanted figure out why more companies don't make them since the benefits are so outstanding, right??

So, the material of a Queen sized latex mattress requires the sap of 12 acres of rubber trees and 8 rubber tappers to tap the sap for one whole day, which is a lot of trees and not a small number of people for one mattress.

Simply put: Manufacturers rarely make 100% Latex Mattresss because it is just too expensive for them to mass produce and also get their margins. Hence, more cost-effective filler materials like spring and foam are often used, which is totally fine if you are on a budget and need an affordable option. Do beware that a lot companies try to ride on the wonderful benefits of latex by adding a thin 1-2 inch latex mattress topper above to sell it as "natural", so do check the composition of your mattress before purchasing!

I know it seems like Justin and I love finding cheap deals, but in actuality, we love finding value deals (i.e. we don't mind paying for things that are worth more than what we can get our there in the market). European Bedding's Heveya starts at $3.5K for a Queen and $4.5K for a King, which is not any more expensive than other "branded" mattresses, but the difference is that you know exactly what materials you are getting... and you are getting 100% all the good, quality stuff.

Of course, everything has its pros and cons and it wouldn't be fair not to share about it! The downsides to Latex are that a) it is considered heavy b) it is comparatively expensive c) there is some motion transfer.

I would say the weight of the mattress is compensated by the fact that it is actually split into several layers and zipped together in their all natural bamboo mattress cover, so the weight is very manageable. Moreover it can be rolled up when moving, and honestly, how often do you move your bed :'D

Price is relative, but I think I covered why it is a value buy earlier, and since you'll be keeping your mattress for 5-10 years it definitely is worth much consideration!

Motion transfer wise - yes, it is quite bouncy initially when you jump onto the bed, but having slept on it for a week already and being a very light sleeper, it honestly does not affect me, but I'll let you guys know again after 100 days (because European Bedding lets you have a 100 nights free trial for the mattress in which you can return it if you don't like it!)

So comfortable he was falling asleep in the showroom while I took pictures :'D

I've never known about the pains of being super tall, but according to Justin (who is 185cm), his ankles have hung over our Singapore sized mattress (183 x 190cm) for years, giving him a lot of pain. I always heard of people custom making their mattresses, but in actuality, a more cost effective method may to just be to buy an European sized one, which is a precious 10cm longer at 180 x 200cm! I've covered this quite extensively on my Instagram stories if you are worried that it is difficult to buy a bed frame because European mattresses sizes are "non-standard" here in Singapore.

The short story is: Other than custom making a frame which might be costly, all Ikea Singapore bed frames are European sized, as are the ones from Taobao / Ezbuy as well because Chinese mattresses are also 180 x 200cm, so... problem solved! And yes, the Heveya comes in European sizes, which we got for Justin, of course!

I even did my very own TL:DR table comparing all the mattress types and their pros and cons, but I am so, so happy we found our mattress for the next so many years with so little fuss.

Thank you so much to Thijs and the European Bedding team for giving us the
 dream mattress for our new home! We love it so dearly 

32 Eng Hoon Street
Level 2, Singapore 169780

Sunday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 7pm


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Hi! How has your Heveya mattress been? Would love any update :)

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