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About Monica
Founder, photographer, stylist, marketeer, and overall sai kang warrior for The Ordinary CoAn optimistic pessimist and business graduate from Singapore Management University who launched her first jewelry online shop in 2006 when she was 16, but decided to go to business school to take it a little further. 

Takes photos but does not consider herself a photographer. Is more often than not awkward, but just wants everyone to be friends. She lives to travel and buys more clothes than she cares to wear. She also is incapable of taking herself too seriously, has some weird sense of self-deprecating humour, and doesn't know why she is talking about herself in third person right now.

About Lux Mondi
Lux Mondi ("luxe muhn-dee") is a personal project undertaken in the spirit of YOLO-ness. I started this blog to have a reason to take more photos, to say yes to more opportunities and to put myself out there regardless of what people think (which is a really scary thing). "Lux Mundi" is Latin for "Light of the World" and doesn't really have much meaning to me except that I loved the way it sounded rolling off my tongue. I know these things are suppose to have deep meaning, but that's really just it, coupled with the fact that Latin is a really cool language.


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RHS Portrait drawn by Deborah Lim. Email her to get one commissioned!